Face Masks

The Mill, as a limited space and food processing facility, requires all visitors to wear face masks to ensure the safety of both staff and visitors. It would be appreciated if children under the age of 11 and above 5 would also wear masks.

Plan your trip to Woodbridge Tide Mill Museum

Woodbridge Tide Mill is great to visit and it pays to plan ahead.
See below about how to get to us, parking and the best times to visit.

Because the Mill uses the tides to turn the big mill wheel, we show here the times when the wheel is likely to be turned. There’s plenty to see when the wheel isn’t turning, but the table is useful because when the wheel turns you get to see the old wooden machinery in action. Of course we can’t promise that the wheel will be turning, things go wrong, but the times shown are when it can turn i.e when the water in the tide mill pond is higher than the River Deben and so the water flowing back into the river can drive the wheel.

Winter Opening &

Wheel Turning Times

A rare example of a tide mill that still produces flour

Wheels and stones turn, grinding the grain as they have done for many hundreds of years.

Visit The Tide Mill, Woodbridge, one of only a handful in the world still producing flour on a regular basis and among the first tide mills in the country, working on the same site for over 850 years. Book online for a weekend visit and experience history through visual insights, unique computer generated imagery and children’s activities to discover how the grain and flour move around the Mill. Most days you can even see the huge oak water wheel turning.

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