The Moon on the Water – Woodbridge Tide Mill in the context of the tides

Sid The Miller
A brief history of Woodbridge Tide Mill

The History of the Tide Mill
Learning Resource

Recommended for KS2 Curriculum links: History, Geography, English

Sid the Miller
Being a Miller in a tide mill

Sid the Miller
Mill Maintenance

The Tide Mill Cat
Describes her Job

Sid The Miller
Levers, Pulleys and Gears

Learning Resource

Recommended for KS1 Curriculum links: Science,Technology, Science, Art

Related material in ‘Levers, Pulleys & Gears’ video from 00:00 – 01:58
Levers & Pulleys

Levers, Pulleys & Gears
Learning Resource

Recommended for KS2 Curriculum links: Design Technology, Science, Art

Levers Pulleys & Gears

Eva The Miller’s Wife
From Soil to Sandwich

Sid the Miller on dust, beer
and being a great miller

Eva describes
Growing the Grain

From Soil to Sandwich
‘Growing the Grains’

Recommended for KS2/KS3 Curriculum links: Science, English, Maths

Growing the Grains