Colour in the Tide Mill

colouring sheet

Fancy seeing what the Tide Mill would look if it wasn’t white?

Download this picture and colour it in using any colours you like. We’d like to see it too, so please take a picture and post it on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

Download photo (.jpg)
Download document (.pdf)

Make your own Mill

Your first step on the property ladder! Become a modern day Jean Gardner and own your own Tide Mill. Just download the sheets below, stick them to thin card (such as an empty cereal box) and then cut around them CAREFULLY using scissors. (note: we assume very young children will be supervised with scissors). This model was originally designed by Mark Mitchels, and we thank him for that.

Download cut-outs and instructions

Tide Mill Recipes

Here are some delicious recipes to make using Tide Mill wholemeal flour.
You can use other flour but we doubt it’ll be quite the same.

Drop Scones
Gingerbread Men
Oat Biscuits

Oral History Project 2020

Would like to contribute to the collections of the Tide Mill Museum?

Most of us now have at our fingertips the technology to conveniently record sound – our mobile phones. With the addition of a small app, it is simple to record our own voices and share the results.

What we’d like you to do is to record your memories and impressions of Woodbridge and of the Tide Mill, then send them to us so that they I can be preserved and shared with other visitors and researchers.

If you’d like to participate in this project, please read, and ensure that you understand and agree with, the terms set out below.

Many thanks

Fraser Hale – Curator

Download terms and info (.pdf)

Learn about, and make, a Tide Mill mouse

Now that the old granary is empty of flour and grain, the hungry Tide Mill Mice have had to pack their knapsacks and head into town. They’d rather not go because they have heard Aesop’s fable about the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. You can read it, and make your own mouse by clicking the link below.

Download mouse fable and origami mouse instructions (.pdf)

Tide Mill Wordsearch

Now’s your chance to learn some of the terms we use for parts of the Mill by downloading and printing off the Tide Mill Wordsearch puzzle. Find the terms in the wordsearch grid either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. It’s easy – give it a try.

Download the Tide Mill Wordsearch(.pdf)