Community support plays a vital role in the survival of the Tidemill

The Tide Mill relies on the support of the surrounding community. The Tide Mill used to be the centre of industry in Woodbridge but even though that has changed it is still a large part of the local community. Without the support of the local community the Woodbridge Tide Mill would not be able to be one of only two mills still milling flour in a traditional stoneground way. Whether you can help as an active Volunteer or by donating financially as a Friend of The Tide Mill, we welcome any support!

Mission Statement
Woodbridge Tide Mill Museum seeks to preserve and develop the Tide Mill and its Collections as living links to the agricultural, industrial, and maritime heritage of Woodbridge, and to its cultural and social history. The museum endeavours to provide an accessible heritage experience that entertains, educates and inspires all its visitors.

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Support The Tide Mill by donating Financially

As an over 800 year old wooden building next to water, The Tide Mill has to be repainted by craftsmen every 5-10 years. This, along with substantial ongoing maintenance costs, means the Tide Mill requires significant financial support.

With very little ‘State’ funding, the lion’s share of these costs, which amount to hundreds of thousands, is covered by entrance fees, merchandise sales and the kind donations of Friend’s of the Tide Mill.

Benefits of becoming a Friend of The Tide Mill

  • Free entry to the museum with a friend

  • Monthly newsletters updates

  • Invitations to bespoke events

  • Discount on bagged flour purchases

  • Discount on Mill hire

Are you a Friend of the Mill and DON’T receive the monthly newsletter by e-mail but would like to?

To ensure we have the correct e-mail address for you please (click here) to send an e-mail to our Friends Coordinator and she will check and confirm matters with you personally.

Donate Online

Donate online for monthly or yearly donations, or download our application form and donate any amount.

Monthly Donation

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Annual Donation

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If you are a UK tax payer then please would you also complete a Gift Aid declaration so that we can reclaim an additional 25p for every pound that you donate. This is at no extra cost to you. To do this, simply send the following message via our contact form once you have signed up.

I, [Insert Name], of [Insert address] on [insert date] want to Gift Aid my subscription and donations I make now and in the future. I am a UK taxpayer and understand that if I pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed in the tax year it is my responsibility to pay the difference. I understand Woodbridge Tide Mill will reclaim 25p on tax on every £1 that I give.

Become a Volunteer

Support The Tide Mill by Donating Your Time and Skills

As a Volunteer at the Tide Mill you can be involved in all aspects of the Tide Mill from guiding visitors, milling, to bagging the stoneground flour.  You can support the administration of the Mill and assist in selling and delivery of the flour to our outside customers.  As part of the engineering team, you can learn the skills of millwrighting and help maintain the machinery and fabric of this Grade I listed building.

Our Volunteers Take On Many Different Roles…

  • Trustee Volunteer

    Charity trustees provide leadership of the charity and are responsible for ensuring it does what it was set up to do.

  • Resident Warden

    A Resident Warden is responsible for welcoming visitors to the Mill, and manning the counter area.

  • Treasury Volunteer

    A treasury volunteer is responsible for a number of accounting and treasury functions.

  • Guide Volunteer

    A Guide volunteer is responsible for supporting the resident warden and welcoming visitors to the Mill.

  • Merchandising Volunteer

    A merchandising and procurement volunteer is responsible for looking after merchandise for resale, and procurement of various consumable items connecting with managing the mill.

  • Maintenance Volunteer

    A maintenance volunteer is one who helps in the periodic maintenance of the building and machinery.

  • Bagging Volunteer

    A bagging volunteer will be part of a team of 3—5 volunteers filling and sealing retail flour bags ,and wholesale flour bags.

  • Sales, Orders and Deliveries Volunteer

    A sales, orders and deliveries volunteer receives details of customer orders (through a pre-determined route/routes), records and processes the order.

  • Public Relations Volunteer

    A marketing and PR volunteer will work with the Trustees to promote the Trust and its activities to the public via all forms of media, and to liaise with any professional media agency working with the Trust.

  • Activities Volunteer

    An events and activities volunteer will work with Trustees and Friends to help in the organisation and delivery of events in the Activities Calendar.

  • Fund Raising Volunteer

    A fund raising volunteer will work with Trustees and Friends to devise, plan and run fund raising schemes of any description.

  • Milling Volunteer

    A milling volunteer will be part of a small team undertaking milling duties, using either the electric motor or the waterwheel.

Find out more about our different volunteering roles

View Our Volunteering PDF