We are open all year round for school outreach and visits to the Mill.

The Tide Mill provides unique opportunities for learning in a range of subjects and for cross-curricular work at all levels.

We would like to thank three local schools for piloting some of our educational offers; Kyson, St Marys and Woodbridge Primary School. Throughout two terms in 2012 we developed lesson plans, resource lists, learning objectives and links with the curriculum to provide valuable opportunities. Planning was developed with teaching staff to best suit interests and timetables, which is a practice we aim to continue with all schools and groups.

We are very keen to work with all ages and from various educational settings. We can also provide lots of outreach opportunities, for pre and post visit experiences and enhanced learning. These range from history to engineering design and model making to baking. We were awarded ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’ accreditation which recognises and confirms that the Tide Mill is a safe and valuable place to learn. Visits to Mill: £2 per pupil/student and accompanying adults free. Free entrance for a teacher’s planning visit is available on request.

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Projects and Themes Developed

We continue to offer educational visits and have added in even more themes. These will now include Water and Rivers and bespoke history topics (WW1 and the Tudors) and Art. Deben Decorative and Fine Art Society have also given the Mill funding to develop an art pack.

Grain to mouth Within the programme ‘Grain to mouth’ we can work with KS1-KS3, identifying different grains, milling using an electric mill or stone querns, local breads, traditional bread, analysis of breads – testing and tasting, Harvest traditions and baking. We are also able to offer advice, support, outreach and visits which focus on ‘growing-milling-baking-eating’.

Performance at the Tide Mill: The Tide Mill, Woodbridge Museum and Ancestral-Voices can offer linked visits which would give schools the opportunity to research and gather information from various historical sources. The Tide Mill becoming a backdrop for pupils to perform or watch a performance.

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The Tide Mill is a Children’s University Learning Destination

As well as organised group visits from schools, we are now able to add hours to individual children visiting with CU Passports.

A visit to the Tide Mill qualifies as a ‘general visit’ and so it earns an hour in your passport. You’ll learn about tidal power, the food chain, engineering, sustainability and diversity, geography, the natural world and social history!