Henry helps Dan avoid dust up

Head Miller Dan’s ingenious solution to flour dust

Dan's Extraction System

“you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face!”

So said Dan when he was originally faced with a busy milling schedule at Woodbridge Tide Mill. The clouds of ultra-fine flour generated every time the Millers ground the Tide Mills famous Traditional and Fine flour provided an unpleasant workplace that needed a lot of cleaning and was potentially explosive!

After careful research of the many, often expensive, extraction alternatives available Dan had a brainwave. He would seek assistance from his old friend Henry. A Henry vacuum cleaner to be precise.

By arranging the Henry vacuum cleaner’s (other vacuum cleaners are available) nozzle adjacent to the flour output chute Dan is able to remove over 90% of the dust created by the milling process, this equates to 120 kilos of flour dust that would otherwise be released in to the internal atmosphere of the mill per year. 120 kilos is the equivalent of 88 bags of flour.

Not for the first time Dan has used his head to achieve a low-cost solution to make the workplace safer, reduce cleaning and any risk of explosion. He has also saved the Tide Mill Charity a considerable amount of money.